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College Students ARE Taking Action

In the past 3 weeks of our Fall “Can I Kiss You?” Tour, we have had a record number of audiences choose to make videos for YouTube on Asking First. Depending on the campus culture, their statements are ranging from “XYZ University Asks First” to “XYZ University, we ASK for sex.” NOTE: The university officials in attendance ALWAYS have the final say on what we film for representing their campus. Here are 2 quick examples:

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Bearcats Love Cheri

As you may know, the person who inspired me to want to speak out originally back in the early 90s was my sister Cheri, an amazing survivor. Tonight, a campus ASKED to honor Cheri in a video statement. Northwest Missouri State University students unanimously voted to have the following video filmed. I was moved and thrilled to be able to put a video on YouTube with such a special message to share with the world. Please watch the video below and then Leave a Comment:

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Keuka goes BIG

Keuka College has me speak to their incoming students each year in the Chapel which is a beautiful location. The seating goes far back and

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