Leadership Training with Mike Domitrz


Repeatedly sharing statistics concerning rape with our military members and telling them “What Not To Do” results in them quickly having Training Fatigue (add-in PowerPoint and the fatigue rises to levels of complete disengagement).

Here’s how to build a culture of respect:

Leadership Training

IMPORTANT: You can have Mike present this program online (live) for virtual learning purposes.

Mike Domitrz, subject matter expert, author, and Hall of Fame Speaker (CPAE), has been working with all levels of military leadership for over a decade (from individual units to the Pentagon). In this open discussion, Mike will provide specific steps for creating positive transformations in each unit, command, and on every installation.

In this briefing, Mike Domitrz will:

Perfect for:

Command, Leadership (of all levels – Enlisted and Officers), Program Advisors, SARCs, SAPR, SHARP, and interested personnel.


**Mike customizes each Leadership Session to the individuals in the room.

Mike’s inclusive approach is appreciated by people of all genders, identities, sexual orientations, ages, relationship statuses (single & married), backgrounds, and demographics

The military around the world has been turning to Mike Domitrz for over a decade:

As one of the leading voices for over a decade for building a culture of respect and consent on installations around the world, Mike Domitrz brings a unique perspective and proven skill set for being able to effectively engage with all military members, their dependents, and civilians.

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