“Can I Kiss You?” Briefing

Shift the paradigm for your troops … from a “Don’t” Perspective to a “How To” – the Respectful way!

Watch this quick preview video featuring military briefings and trainings lead by Mike Domitrz

Installations are praising BOTH the live virtual and live onsite sessions!!

Here’s how to build a culture of respect:

"Can I Kiss You?" briefing lead by Mike Domitrz

IMPORTANT: You can have Mike present this interactive training as a live virtual training (online) or live onsite.

Leaders hate sending their men and women to ineffective trainings. For this reason, each Installation, Command, and Unit demands trainings be effective and relatable. Every briefing must teach essential “How To” skills each person can implement immediately. In doing so, destructive behaviors are stopped before they ever begin. With Mike Domitrz, you get a subject matter expert with a proven track record of getting results throughout the US Military for over a decade.

Perfect For

Military members of all ranks along with civilians and dependents

Takeaways & Skills Gained:

More than a decade of RESULTS speak for themselves:

Over 91% of military members say they are more likely to take the following actions after experiencing Mike's trainings:

Evidence-Based & Proven:

Mike Domitrz’s “Can I Kiss You?” briefing is one of the few trainings for the military that has been evaluated by a third-party research firm. The results?
The “Can I Kiss You?” briefing has been proven to be evidence-based AND that it creates a statistically significant impact on military members!

For Leaders and Command:

Download the “Can I Kiss You?” briefing summary sheet

An abbreviated version (1 page, 2-sided) overview of the “Can I Kiss You?” briefing messaging & benefits.

Mike’s inclusive approach is appreciated by people of all genders, identities, sexual orientations, ages, relationship statuses (single & married), backgrounds, and demographics.

The military around the world has been turning to Mike Domitrz for over a decade:

Watch longer segments of Mike speaking:

As one of the leading voices for over a decade for building a culture of respect and consent on installations around the world, Mike Domitrz brings a unique perspective and proven skill set for being able to effectively engage with all military members, their dependents, and civilians.

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