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A Respect Revolution is occurring throughout society today.

Campuses who care deeply about their people and their culture are no longer “Checking the Box” to provide the minimum training. Caring campus leaders realize you must provide engaging and effective training for EVERYONE on campus - including your employees.

Here’s how to build a culture of respect:

The RESPECT Revolution

Mike Domitrz will provide an interactive, thought-provoking and transformative keynote for helping each person build a culture of respect throughout your campus. With Mike, you get a subject matter expert who is known for his ability to have a group discussion where everyone’s voices are valued in the room – whether 10 people are participating or 10,000.

Key Concepts:

  • Knocking down old beliefs that cause unintended harm to individuals and the organization.
  • The language we use: Engage in exercises for discovering subtle and unintentional ways we can trigger coworkers and cause unintended harm.
  • Learn how to intervene when you hear and/or see someone not being treated with respect.
  • Find out how to positively support those who have experienced disrespectful behaviors and/or language (either here or prior to coming here).
  • Address the fears & stereotypes surrounding the topic of changing an organization’s culture.
  • Create the vision for what a culture founded in respect at all levels looks and feels like.
  • Discover HOW to foster and build that culture of respect each day going forward with specific habits and choices each person can implement immediately into their lives.

**Prior to this program, Mike will evaluate your campus’s Core Values to help insure they are in alignment with and support a Culture of Respect.

Hundreds of campuses have been turning to Mike Domitrz for over 2 decades:

Mike’s inclusive approach is appreciated by people of all demographics, identities, genders, and sexual orientations.

As one of the leading voices for building a culture of respect and consent on campuses across North America for the past 2 decades, Mike Domitrz brings a unique perspective and proven skill set for being able to effectively engage with all students of varying backgrounds and demographics. e

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