“SAFER Choices” Assembly with Mike Domitrz

SAFER Choices” is one of the most inclusive and sought-after school assemblies for creating a safe, age appropriate look at consent, respect in relationships, boundaries, bystander intervention, and working to reduce sexual assault. Each year, the program is brought in by schools throughout the country (public, private, faith-based, boarding, urban, rural, etc...).

Here’s how to build a culture of respect:

“SAFER Choices” Assembly with Mike Domitrz

While most school presentations try to solely raise a studnet’s awareness, “SAFER Choices” is focused on getting students to take personal responsibility for heand to make positive, healthy choices for themselves and their peers.

Program Overview/Takeaways

In each 45 to 60 minute “SAFER Choices” Assembly, the content is customized to fit the students participating and the school culture. If Mike is sharing with 6th grade students or Seniors in high school, he tailors each lesson to be age appropriate. Your students will discover specific how-to skills for:

  • Distinguishing healthy emotional and physical boundaries for relationships.
  • Determining the right age to date and who is right for them to date.
  • Understanding the importance of consent (asking first).
  • Supporting survivors of sexual assault.
  • Building a healthier school culture.

20 Years of RESULTS speak for themselves:

Over 90% of students say they are more likely to take the following actions after experiencing Mike's program:

  • Ask First before engaging in intimacy.
  • Intervene when someone is using alcohol or other drugs to facilitate sexual activity.
  • Reach out to family and friends to let survivors know they are supported.

Evidence-Based & Proven:

Mike Domitrz’s presentation is one of the few educational programs to have been researched and evaluated by a third-party research firm. The results? This program has been proven to be evidence-based AND that it creates a statistically significant impact on Middle School & High School students!

Mike’s inclusive approach is appreciated by people of all demographics, identities, genders, and sexual orientations.

Schools have been turning to Mike Domitrz for over 2 decades

As one of the leading voices for building a culture of respect and consent in middle schools and high schools across North America for the past 2 decades, Mike Domitrz brings a unique perspective and proven skill set for being able to effectively engage with all students of varying backgrounds and demographics.

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