Create a culture of respect before it's too late.

Welcome to the briefing and expert for helping the military reduce sexual assault, increase bystander intervention, support survivors and build mutually amazing relationships (consent) led by author, subject matter expert, and Hall of Fame Speaker, Mike Domitrz.

Live Virtual Trainings and Live Onsite Sessions with a proven track record of making an impact.

What would it look like if every individual's boundaries were respected at all times?


Learn the precise steps for stopping harassment or a potential sexual assault (including with alcohol & other drugs at bars, parties, etc...).


Help more survivors feel safe coming forward & provide them with valuable resources.

Boundaries & Consent

Discover why “Asking First” and “Respecting the Answer” is the key to honoring boundaries, consent, and building mutually amazing relationships (from single people to married).

One of the leading experts for helping the US Military create a culture of consent & respect, Mike Domitrz shares critical skill sets proven to produce long-term impact for individuals of all ranks.

**Mike has conducted trainings on over 100 installations worldwide.

Internationally renowned speaker and critically-acclaimed author Mike Domitrz provides specific how-to skills so each person at all levels of an organization can implement immediately for building a culture of respect. His preparation and mastery of the material has earned him the credibility and trust within Special Operations across the Department of Defense.
Mike Kontio
Former Joint Special Operations Command
U.S. Army Master Sergeant (Ret OR-8)

Are you ready to create a culture of consent & respect throughout your unit, command, and/or installation?

Choose from the following trainings:

**All of our trainings can also be provided ONLINE (live). We are happy to help make that happen**

"Can I Kiss You?” Briefing

Ignite a conversation that gives each individual specific how-to skills for creating a culture of respect. You can have this training presented online (live & interactive) for virtual learning.

"Mission Is Transformation"

Give your leaders a unique training workshop for helping shift their paradigms on what a Culture of Respect looks and feels like in the US Military. You can also have this program presented online (live & interactive) for virtual learning.

Train the Trainer

In-depth and jam-packed workshops for providing program managers, SARCs, Victim Advocates, and leaders key techniques for providing effective training throughout the year.

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