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Create a culture of consent before its too late.

Welcome to the keynote speaker for helping campuses reduce sexual assault, increase bystander intervention, support survivors and build mutually amazing relationships (consent) led by author and Hall of Fame Speaker, Mike Domitrz.

Live Virtual and Onsite Programs with a proven track record of making an impact with students of all demographics.

What would it look like if every student's boundaries were respected at all times?

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Help your students gain specific "How To" skills for:

Asking First & Consent

Discover why “Asking First” and “Respecting the Answer” is the key to respecting boundaries, consent, healthy relationships, and safer decision-making

Bystander Intervention

Learn the precise steps for stopping potential sexual assaults (including when alcohol & other drugs are involved).


Help more students who are survivors feel safe coming forward & provide them with valuable resources.

As one of the leading experts for the past 3 decades for helping campuses create a culture of consent & respect, Mike Domitrz shares critical skill sets proven to produce long-term impact for your students.
Over 300,000 college students have been impacted by Mike's campus presentations.

After seeing 4 years of a variety of speakers this was the first program where we felt educated. Mike Domitrz gave the audience the tools to change the way we all lead our relationships.
Lisa Goldberg & Ashley Gomberg
Panhellenic Council, University of Florida

Are you ready to create a culture of consent & respect throughout your campus?

Choose from the following programs:

**All of our programs can also be provided ONLINE (live). We are happy to help make that happen**

"Can I Kiss You?" Program

Ignite a conversation that gives each person specific how-to skills for creating a culture of respect. You can choose to have this program presented live virtually (online).

Train the Trainer Workshop

Engaging workshops for students or staff that give individuals key techniques for continuing the lessons throughout the year.

Staff & Faculty Programs

Don’t forget about those who keep the campus running. Have Mike provide a staff training for building a culture of respect throughout the workplace of the university.

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