In-depth review of “SAFER Choices” Student Assembly

Rachel Lopez and her team brought Mike to speak to the entire student body and present a separate evening session just for parents at Episcopal High School of Houston. Rachel is the Associate Director of College Counseling and also is the Consent, Advocacy, & Refusal Skills Education Co-Coordinator at Episcopal High School of Houston.
“The Center for Respect’s Mike Domitrz is a DYNAMO – generating energy, laughter, and thought from thousands in the span of the opening 30 seconds of his presentation. Mike’s uncanny ability to engage teenagers and adults on the most sensitive of topics, with humor and consideration, lays the groundwork for seismic positive changes in campus culture and crucial conversations. He can read a room of people of all ages to tailor his content in real time. Perhaps more importantly, he also thoughtfully engages with a community prior to his arrival to meet specific needs and respect boundaries of each institution he visits.
The students, faculty, and parents of Episcopal High School of Houston, TX, whom I serve as the coordinator of the Consent, Advocacy, and Refusal Skills Education Initiative, had the privilege of witnessing Mike in action in March 2023. The reviews have been utterly rave.
The Center for Respect executed impeccable customer service and professional communication in the months, weeks, and days leading up to, and following up on, Mike’s engagements on campus.
The students digested and discussed further how to respect the dignity of all people in tricky social situations. They workshopped bystander and up-stander techniques with their advisors as directed by Mike.
In their session, parents practiced developmentally appropriate methods of discussing intimacy and healthy relationships with their teenagers. In his presentation and workshop, Mike impressively balances the holistic understanding of consent and human rights with practical tips and application for everyday life. His work invigorated the CARE program under our high school’s Diversity, Community, and Inclusion department, and EHS cannot wait to invite Mike back to campus. Thank you, Mike Domitrz and The Center for Respect!”
Rachel Lopez, Associate Director of College Counseling
And Consent, Advocacy, & Refusal Skills Education Co-Coordinator, Episcopal High School of Houston (TX)

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