Apply BP approach on YouTube – to Reducing Sexual Assault

Have you seen all the great YouTube videos providing solutions to the Oil Crisis in the Gulf? Let us take on this same challenge with addressing sexual assault and ending sexual violence.

For every person who provides a true YouTube solution to sexual assault (not a parody or a joke) and shares it with us here at The Date Safe Project Inc, we will put your name (and/or your organization’s name) into a monthly drawing for your choice of the following:

50 “Do You Ask?” POSTERS (you pick how many of each of the 12 posters you want). Preview the fun and educational posters here.

800 “Can I Kiss You?” Temporary Tattoos.  Preview the fun and educational posters here.

25 “May I Kiss You?” Books.  Preview the critically acclaimed book here.

25 “Voices of Courage” Books.  Preview the book and CDs utilized around the world here.

10 “HELP! My Teen Is Dating” DVD/book sets.  Preview the award-winning program here.

10 T-shirts:  “Can I Kiss You?” (on the front)/   “Do You Ask?  Take a Moment to Care” (on the back).  Preview shirts here.

10 T-shirts:  “Want Some Action?” (on the front) / “Take the Pledge 4 Action” (on the back with 4 guidelines).  Preview shirts here.


Submit your video to YouTube and then share with us the YouTube address for your video in our “COMMENTS” section of this post.  Lastly, visit the CONTACT US page on this website to send us your contact information and which submission is yours (all contact information is kept confidential until you give permission to share such information).  Another option is to send your video on a DVD and will post the video for you (mail to: The Date Safe Project Inc, c/o YouTube Solutions, PO Box 20906, Greenfield, WI 53220-0906).  All appropriate videos (must be standards of a PG / PG-13 movie rating) will be entered into each week’s drawing.

Once a week, you will have a chance to WIN your choice of ONE of the prizes listed above.  The sooner you submit a video, the sooner you have a chance to win.  Each week’s submissions are ADDED to all the previous submissions.

Example:  If you submit a video on June 30th, you will be in the drawing EACH MONTH for the rest of the time this YouTube Challenge is running.


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