College Students ARE Taking Action

How much fun is getting students to make positive statements about consent?  In the past 3 weeks of our Fall “Can I Kiss You?” Tour, we have had a record number of audiences choose to make videos for YouTube on Asking First.  NOTE: The university officials in attendance ALWAYS have the final say on what we film for representing their campus. Here is a quick examples:

In addition to spreading the word via video, students typically love fun t-shirts with messages they believe in.  As evidence, a record number of students are purchasing the NEW “Can I Kiss You?” and “Want Some Action?” T-shirts at the events.  The demand has been so high that shipments have had to been sent afterward to meet the demand.  Students are telling us they love the look AND the message.

Often students find opening up and sharing with others to be difficult and/or uncomfortable.  For this reason, we have been hearing that the “Action Pad” Post-It notes (the handout every student receives when entering the “Can I Kiss You?” program – anyone can purchase the Action Pads for their campus) have been a big hit.  They enable students to SHARE positive messages through a simple post-it note.  Southern Utah University reported that their Resident Assistants have been seeing the Action Pads being used throughout the hallways of their residence halls – to promote a more caring atmosphere for everyone.

Evaluate all of the above and what you realize is STUDENTS ARE TAKING ACTION in their own lives and to spread the message into the lives of others.  Provide students fun resources for creating change and they will be happy to help make a positive difference.

P.S. College students recently contacted me to share they’ve recorded a song about “Can I Kiss You?” and are going into a professional studio to record it!!  Once the song is available, we will let you know ASAP.

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