York University in Canada Appreciates Programming

York University was another great show in Canada last night. The appreciation and respect for discussing respect AND survivors of sexual assault is inspiring. The number of times last night an audience member applauded while I was mid-sentence discussing TAKING ACTION and supporting survivors was unique.

I’d make a serious point and suddenly hear an audience member clapping to show how much they wanted to reinforce what you said. Within moments, all the students are clapping. You talk about the strength and courage of each survivor – the students are applauding the STRENGTH and COURAGE of survivors before I even finish my sentence. AWESOME!!!

Plus, York University made a point to show their support by the ADMINISTRATION. The President of the University and several VPs sat in the front row for the entire presentation – a commitment to how much they want the students to know the importance of this discussion. When they heard they were going to have a large audience, they rented a facility just off campus to insure the best attendance possible.

A big KUDOs to everyone at York!!

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