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What IS sex?

Since the President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky situation, the question has continued to be debated in our culture. What IS sex? How do schools define

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Timing IS everything

How often does the following happen to you? You’ve just got home from work. You’re exhausted from the day. Upon you entering your home, your

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Most In-Depth and “How To” Curriculum Available

After you bring an educational program to your community, do you wish you had more opportunities to continue the lessons learned in the expert’s presentation? Now you do! The “Do You Ask?” poster series is the most direct consent based educational poster series used throughout the world. Each poster is both eye-catching and educational.

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Tea Party With Moms and Sexually Active Teen Daughters

Parents involved in their children’s lives encourage kids to walk the right path. Creating a bond with your child and understanding their world opens lines of communication. Once those lines are open, it’s easier for your kids to feel they can approach you about the challenges and questions most teenagers will never talk to their parents about.

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