Tea Party With Moms and Sexually Active Teen Daughters

Parents involved in their children’s lives encourage kids to walk the right path. Creating a bond with your child and understanding their world opens lines of communication. Once those lines are open, it’s easier for your kids to feel they can approach you about the challenges and questions most teenagers will never talk to their parents about.

That’s exactly what a Mother/Daughter Tea Party in Knoxville, TN attempted to do. The community recognized that all schools in the area have sexually active 7th and 8th graders. The organizing group wanted to continue the trend of decreasing pregnant teens. To do so, they understood the importance of having parents discuss the issues of dating and sexual activity in a fun, bonding atmosphere. Besides discussing these issues, the girls learned proper tea etiquette and other social graces.

What an innovative, non-threatening, and fun way to talk to teens — to bond and create awareness

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