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Film, TV, & Music Reviews with a Twist

Every week, new films and songs are released around the globe. Throughout the year, TV shows are launched. 24 hours, 7 days a week, you can turn to “Breaking News” on one of the many “news dedicated” cable channels. With all of these mediums constantly changing, how can you

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Gotta Know

Have you ever thought to yourself, “That sounds good and all, but exactly how am I suppose to pull that off?“ Now you have a source for “How To” advice, tips, and information when it comes to:

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Tip for You

One of the greatest ways you can help others is by continually working on making yourself the best person you can be. For this reason, each week you will receive a “Tip for You” from The Date Safe Project, Inc. and our many friends from around the world who are experts on various topics such as . . .

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Student Advisory Board

Imagine being on a team with students from around the country sharing their insights and feedback regarding decisions The Date Safe Project, Inc. makes throughout the year. As a Date Safe Project (DSP) Student Advisory Board member, you are a part of the strategic thinking for what content, educational resources, services, and products The Date Safe Project, Inc. chooses to provide to the following people:

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“How To” for Students

providing you detailed “How To” articles and videos to make the learning fun, exciting, and USEFUL! You will receive advise and expertise from some of the world’s leading experts at helping students with . . .

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Student of Impact

Throughout the school year, selected students will be featured here at The Date Safe Project, Inc. as the “Student of Impact.” Students are nominated by their peers, educators, professionals, and can

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Sexual Assault Survivors in College PRAISE program.

“I wanted to let you know how much that presentation has changed my life. I am a survivor of almost three years now, and everything you said touched home for me. I wish I had seen you sooner because it is such a serious and real topic. What I really wanted to tell you is

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College Students RAVE about “Can I Kiss You?” Show

“All I can say is WOW!! I attended one of his sessions for the Peer-Ed people and his “Can I Kiss You?” program too and both were amazing. I truly enjoyed everything…and everything he had to say was so true. Guys and Girls all have a lot to learn about

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Huge Turnout on Campuses

The greatest way to help guarantee great attendance to an event is to work with a professional team who is fantastic at creating a “buzz” on your campus and in your community. From giving you fun posters to providing you with a detailed schedule for

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