Film, TV, & Music Reviews with a Twist

Every week, new films and songs are released around the globe.  Throughout the year, TV shows are launched.  24 hours, 7 days a week, you can turn to “Breaking News” on one of the many “news dedicated” cable channels.  With all of these mediums constantly changing, how can you stay up-to-date or know how to hold appropriate conversations with students and/or people in your community about the shows everyone is talking about?  Good news!  Now, you have a source to turn to for fun, thought-provoking, and helpful reviews.

Here, you will find reviews from parents, educators, experts, and teenagers (giving their perspective).  Each review will provide you with an unique perspective relating to how the media and/or entertainment outlet’s production effects society’s views of dating, sex, intimacy, relationships, violence, consent, and sexual assault.  Having these analytic reviews will provide you with great tools to engage the younger and older generations around you with a different outlook the next time they watch and/or listen to the medium you are reading about.

You know how often people of all ages “roll their eyes” when you try to challenge everyday views on a subject.  The reviews provided by DSP Critics (Date Safe Project Critics) will give you more useful and progmatic material to share with others.

Be a Reviewer.  You can be given full credit for your reviews here at The Date Safe Project, Inc. or your reviews can be kept anonymous.  You choose.  Either way, you can create your own following as a DSP Critic.  To send us a review of ANY medium, click on “Leave a Comment” on this page OR send an e-mail to

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