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NBC’s Law & Order “SVU” and Grey Rape Discussion

Today’s Moment video discusses an upcoming NBC episode of “Law & Order: SVU” titled “Grey.” The term “grey rape” results in misconceptions on the role of alcohol in a sexual assault. In the episode on NBC with co-stars Christine Lahti and Mariska Hargitay, the case involves a college campus and students drinking.

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Discussion on alcohol and sexual assault

Was informed today my response to the question, “How can the link between alcohol and sexual violence be best taught to students?” has been posted on Outside The Classroom’s website:!

Join the conversation and share your thoughts!

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St. Lawrence raises MONEY at “Can I Kiss You?” Show.

Last night, St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY had 2 great turnouts. Due to the size of their incoming class, they have me present the “Can I Kiss You?” program at 2 different times of 7pm and 9pm. The attendance at each session was wonderful and the interaction and reactions afterward were fantastic.

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Parents Just Don’t Understand (especially parents of teens going to parties)

Remember the old Will Smith song, “Parents Just Don’t Understand”? Well I fell into that category last night (along with another Mom of a high school teenager hosting a party). One of my sons was going to a party at a house where we did not know the family. As we advice in our programs, we called ahead to talk with at least one of the parents – to find out their rules and policies for hosting a party. Do they allow alcohol and what are their expectations for the students?

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