St. Lawrence raises MONEY at “Can I Kiss You?” Show.

Last night, St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY had 2 great turnouts.  Due to the size of their incoming class, they have me present the “Can I Kiss You?” program at 2 different times of 7pm and 9pm.  The attendance at each session was wonderful and the interaction and reactions afterward were fantastic.

Chris Morrin runs one of the best student Advocate programs in the WORLD at St. Lawrence. Their numbers of students who are trained as Advocates (referred to as “Sex Positive Violence Prevention”) is amazing, especially for a smaller size campus.


In addition to the students downloading “Voices of Courage” from our website (as a Gift to give those they care about), they raised a record amount of money from our show.  We give 10% of all T-shirt and book SALES at our events to a non-profit organization the individual campus chooses.  At the current rate of results, this semester is going to be a record high in donations raised by students purchasing books and shirts.  The new shirts are being sought after so much by students that we are frequently running out sizes at the events.


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