Sexual assault, alcohol & supporting survivors @ Wake Forest

WOW!  Wake Forest University knows how to promote an educational event addressing sexual assault, intimacy, dating, and alcohol.  Better yet, they know how to get RESULTS!  Last night, over 1100 students (over 25% of their student body) attended the “Can I Kiss You?” program in Wait Chapel.  The team on campus who was responsible for bringing me to speak was a DYNAMITE combination of talent, expertise, and passion.  They worked diligently with several organizations and groups (Athletics, Greek Life, and the Student Center — all which showed up in big numbers).

As you scroll down through this blog posting, you will see video footage from the event.  Join the Wake Forest students in making a commitment by signing the “Pledge for Action” here.

Did you attend the program at Wake Forest University?
If so, share your thoughts and feedback!  Let us HEAR your voice by using our Audio Testimonial Program (click here).  Another option is to share in our online forums.

Remember to INVITE all your family and friends to watch you in the below video!!

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