Tell us what YOU WANT on this site!

The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want.” ~Ben Stein

With a new semester getting started or about to start in schools and universities, what have you DECIDED you really want for this year?  What are you going to do to make that happen?

I will start off by sharing what we WANT to start providing you as a visitor to this site in 2010 and then ASK you what more YOU want from our site in 2010.  Let’s make it happen!  Here is our list of what we are beginning to create for you:

1. Each week, find inspiration and ideas from others around the world pertaining to real solutions to difficult conversations which often occur with teenagers, college students, and members of the military.  Soon, you will find our “Question of the Week” answered by multiple people each week (could be YOU quoted in one or many of the Questions).

2. To be able to join our special Team Members section of this website where “How To” videos, articles, podcasts, and monthly tele-seminars with interviews of top experts, educators, activists, and positive role models will be available to you.  You’ll be able actively participate in the tele-seminars (free for our Members and a reasonable fee for others).  Starting in FEBRUARY!

3. To discover fantastic examples of role models featured here on the site (survivors, parents, activists, educators, professionals, celebrities making an impact, etc…).

4. To GIVEAWAY more helpful resources and materials through our website!

What do YOU WANT from this site?  WHAT would you like to learn more about?  WHO would you like to learn from?  Any technology you would like to see used more often?  Do you want to help on our mission?  Let us know.  Answer all these questions by “Leaving a Comment” now.

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