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Sign the Pledge for Action Today!

The Pledge for Action is a powerful agreement students, families, military members, educators, and individuals sign to pledge that they will do their best to help their family, friends and peers in potentially dangerous moments concerning alcohol, drugs, and sexual assault.

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Parents & Your Community WILL BE EXCITED!

The best part? You get a TEAM who is dedicated to helping you. Rita Hookstead (your personal assistant at The Date Safe Project, Inc.) will be working with you for the months and/or weeks approaching the event. She loves making your job easier! Plus, Mike Domitrz will do everything he can to help you have a successful event!

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Featured Survivor

Featured Survivor: Anne Katherine Dunham

When our director took leave last Spring, I stepped up to take over some of her duties on top of the position I already held: AWARE Training Co-Coordinator. I did this for the same reason that I love working to end sexual violence – I know I can make a difference. The Advocates Program is

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