Parents & Your Community WILL BE EXCITED!

The greatest way to help guarantee support for a needed educational program on a sensitive topic is to work with a professional team who is fantastic at creating a “buzz” at your school and in your community. From giving you fun posters to providing you with a detailed schedule for PR & Marketing Tips, The Date Safe Project Inc. works closely with you, your school, your parents, and the community to do everything possible to help raise incredibly positive levels of support and bring you the right media attention at the same time.

If you are with a middle school or high school, you know how hard it is to get parents out for an evening presentation to help continue the message at home (the powerful lessons your students will have learned in the “Can I Kiss You?” program during the day).  Getting the media involved also draws attention to the subject matter and encourages conversations in the home.

How does the “Can I Kiss You?” program have such an incredible track record of helping you draw large parent audiences and getting the media involved – all while answering any potential concerns parents have? When you bring the presentation to your schools, you will be provided with an in-depth and thorough Marketing Package which includes:

* 14 Pages of Marketing & PR Tips
* Preset letters to go out to parents.
* TableTent concepts and Ads
* Press Release for the Media
* Sponsorship Ideas
* Giveaway Concepts
* Headshot of Mike Domitrz
* 50 “Can I Kiss You?” Buttons
* 40 “Can I Kiss You?” Posters
* 100 Temp “Can I Kiss You?” Tattoos
*Promotional YouTube Videos (for both parents and students)

In addition, you can get the popular “Can I Kiss You?” T-shirts for incredibly discounted prices through the special 100 PACK. Faculty, staff, and students (and parents at the K12 level) love wearing these eye-catching shirts to help promote the program (and the shirts include a powerful educational message on the back).

Each idea and concept shared with you has a proven track record of helping increase student attendance and/or gain media exposure. To insure you get the most up-to-date concepts, your team at The Date Safe Project, Inc. works closely with schools to find out which ideas have been and continue to be the most successful so that you only get the BEST marketing and PR results!! Each school and community which has closely followed every one of the suggestions in the Marketing & PR Tips Report has had overwhelmingly success.

The best part? You get a TEAM who is dedicated to helping you. Rita Hookstead (your personal assistant at The Date Safe Project, Inc.) will be working with you for the months and/or weeks approaching the event. She loves making your job easier!

Plus, Mike Domitrz will do everything he can to help you have a successful event!

PROOF with the media IS IN THE RESULTS. Download the MANY articles below.

Below are articles written by newspapers, local media, and national publications featuring the “Can I Kiss You?” Program and/or quoting Mike Domitrz. Knowing you have an ally who will WORK hard to bring your campus positive media attention is always an added bonus.


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