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When you bring Mike Domitrz and the “Can I Kiss You?” program to your campus or community, you get multiple presentations (time permitting) and you have the option to have a program tailored to specific groups of students. Have Mike present a keynote speech or convocation for the entire campus AND have Mike conduct one of his customized workshops.

Start the day with having Mike present his Train the Trainer workshop titled “Going All the Way with . . . ” (you fill in the blank for with the topics you want Mike to focus on).  This special workshop is tailored to select audiences such as Residence Life, Peer Educators, Athletes, Greek Life, Student Government, Staff & Administration, and others.  Another option more and more campuses are asking for Mike’s “Talk Back” session.  What does each workshop and session include?

Going All the Way with . . . ” Workshop (aka “Train the Trainer”)

In the  “Going All the Way with …” Workshop with Mike Domitrz, you get to decide the rest of the program title based on which individuals you’ve invited to attend.  In “Going All the Way on Discussing Consent & Sexual Assault with Students,” everyone will discover a refreshing and powerful format to teaching leaders how to facilitate thought-provoking conversations, programs, and presentations on peer education, healthy intimacy, and/or sexual assault. A welcoming and positive atmosphere is fostered where each trainee discovers how to take a simple approach to tough questions from college students.

All persons involved learned new techniques to use in presentations and have actually successfully implemented some of your great ideas already. The way you were able to reach the specific student groups was amazing.”
Connie Kirkland, Sexual Assault Services, George Mason University.

Throughout this customized workshop, you will discover how to handle difficult situations with male and female students – including how to discuss “both sides” of students’ concerns. You will learn the secret to creating a balance of careful and effective use of humor verses hard-hitting questions. Attendees will be challenged as to “how far” you should go to intervene in the day-to-day situations that can occur.

Mike was able to adapt to the students needs and concerns, namely how to talk about sexual violence with one’s peer group.  He answered questions in a manner that did not minimize the challenges they face in confronting difficult audiences.
Karla Fonner, Bridge Project Coordinator, Slippery Rock University

Everyone is encouraged to ask questions and debate the concepts being discussed. At the end of this incredibly interactive 45 minute session, your participants will leave excited and equipped with the tools to make a powerful impact on your campus and in your community. Each person will be excited to speak out using their own new found approach to presenting difficult subject matter. This workshop is ideal for Residence Life, Peer Educators, and Campus Professionals.

“Talk Back” Session

Want one more option? Host a “Talk Back” session AFTER the “Can I Kiss You?” program.  This fun event has become popular on campuses.  The sponsoring organizations have an AFTER EVENT Reception/Discussion where student leaders, faculty, staff, and audience members are invited to continue the conversation with Mike Domitrz on a more intimate level.

After everyone grabs some food and beverages – then they sit down together and have an “Open Mic” to ask any questions they have for Mike.  Questions will vary from “How do you know the right way to get your audience to react?” to “What is the key to using the humor you use?” to “How did you get started?” to “How does your sister feel about your work?”  to “What are other campuses doing based on this program?”   With the insight and passion Mike shares, participants leave inspired to take immediate action on your campus!

The extensive training that you provided to the staff, paraprofessionals, and student body will make each individual stop and think prior to acting in many situations in the future.
Gwendolyn S. Roberts Francavillo, Health & Wellness Coordinator, Gallaudet University

For the “Talk Back” sessions, EVERYONE is welcome to participate, including staff, faculty, administrators, student leaders, peer educators, student government, Residence Life, and many more. Remember if you have Mike present one “Can I Kiss You?” program, you have the choice to have an Extra Workshops included. You choose.  What about programs for specific audience demographics or groups?

Customizing for Specific Audiences

He had a unique and different approach for each one depending on the needs of the class and the students.  We heard rave reviews from those students and faculty members, and that was only the beginning.”
Kristi Leonard, Residence Life, Luther College

Mike Domitrz is known for his ability to tailor each presentation to the needs of the students and staff in attendance – while always working within the framework of the campus’s standards. If your school has a unique culture or you would like Mike to present his program to a very specific body of students (Athletes, Greek Life, etc…), Mike will discuss all of your needs and wants — prior to his arrival at your school. Below are just a few examples of the audiences Mike customizes his program for:

One of the most common concerns for some religious institutions is whether certain sexual assault programming is appropriate according to their school’s beliefs and policies. Mike’s presentation is recommended by campuses of all religious standards (from the most liberal to the most conservative). Why? Mike’s entire approach is built around respect for one’s self and your partner. With regards to language and content, his program is considered one of the “cleanest” shows in the country. At the same time, he is one of the most entertaining and educational speakers in the college market! For this reason, Mike is highly sought-after by religious universities!

The concepts shared by Mike in his programs are applicable to every level of relationships (from a 1st date to a couple who has been married for over 20 years). With Mike being a working husband and father of 4 boys, non-traditional students relate to him and appreciate Mike’s honesty on communication, respect, and healthy relationships — including marriage.

Fraternities and Sororities rave about Mike’s entertaining and interactive approach. Greek Life students are frequently mandated to attend a certain number of sexual assault awareness events. In doing so, they often expect the presentations to be filled with boring statistics. Mike surprises them by using no statistics and by talking to each student as an equal. First, he gets them laughing and then he gets them to create positive change on their campus.

After seeing 4 years of a variety of speakers this was the first program where we felt educated.  Mike Domitrz gave the audience the tools to change the way we all lead our relationships.
Lisa Goldberg & Ashley Gomberg, Panhellenic Council, University of Florida


As a state championship coach and a collegiate athlete himself, Mike has a special talent of connecting with athletes. Instead of lecturing, Mike talks with athletes in a language they understand. He provides them with practical solutions and simple skills needed for each person to make positive changes — in their own life and in the lives of the people around them. He inspires athletes to take action that will create a safer community….while at the same time greatly improving the image of the athletic teams on campus. Be sure to call 800-329-9390 to ask Rita about potential funding sources for campuses who have athletes attend the program.

After your talk, a respected football player came up to me and said, ‘I am going to ask that question on every single date from now on. I wish I would have heard this talk a week ago – My last date would have been less awkward.
Nicole Baran, Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness, Stanford University

Mike Domitrz works closely with your Residence Life department to create a tailored workshop for all levels of leadership (from Administration to Resident Directors to RAs to your residents). He will challenge your leadership to evaluate how they address healthy dating issues and how to build the most supportive atmosphere for survivors within your halls. His program is continually a hit at ACUHO-I’s International Convention each summer and has been written about in “Talking Stick.”

He was a smash hit! It was gritty, funny, real, down to earth, serious and everyday practical.  He had real suggestions they could use the next day. I thought this training session was the best we’ve ever had.
Stan Olin, Director of Housing & Residence Life, CSU-Long Beach

These are often difficult discussions to approach, but we are armed with a different set of tools as a result of the information you shared.  The information you shared was incredible.
Jennifer Herbold, Training and Development Specialist, Temple University

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May I Kiss You?  A Candid Look at Dating, Communication, Respect, & Sexual Assault AwarenessPlus, your campus can receive Mike Domitrz’s May I Kiss You? book for everyone at the session for the incredibly low price of only $10 per book (when 100 books or more are ordered). Students and leaders can utilize the over 20 interactive exercises found throughout this critically-acclaimed book. Mike Domitrz is the only expert and ally who gives campuses such an amazing package of programs, expertise, and educational resources!!

Ask Rita at 800-329-9390 How to Get the 100 Pack!

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