Audio Testimonial Program

Often, people ask us, “How can we help spread the word about The Date Safe Project and the many resources you provide – including the Can I Kiss You? program, your books, your posters, your DVD for parents, and all the materials you produce?” The quickest way to help is to use our Audio Testimonial Program. People LOVE to hear the actual voice of another person (makes the testimonial more personal and brings your words to life).

The best part? The Audio Testimonial Program is MUCH FASTER than typing an email or writing a recommendation. You will be done in less than 1 minute. Here is what you do:


1. Call Toll Free: 888-260-7642

2. The system will ask you what MailBox you are trying to contact. Enter 10454

3. The system will tell the person is not in and so leave a message.

4. START your message by identifying yourself.  For example: “Hi, this is Mike with the Date Safe Project” or “Hi, this is Sgt Smith with ABC Military Installation” or “Hi! This is Susie, a professor at the University of ABC.”  If you are a student, ONLY include your first name and your school when identifying yourself (for confidentiality and privacy reasons).  If you don’t want to identify your school, say what state you are in.

5. SHARE your thoughts and feedback!

6. Press the # key to end, save, or rerecord your comments.

mike_smiling_mediaClick the play button below to hear a message Mike Domitrz, our Founder, recently left on the Audio Testimonial Program – sharing exactly how it works!

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