“Can I Kiss You?” Briefing in front of over 800 Active Duty

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One of the biggest fears many installations have is “How can we know this speaker is going to capture our men’s and women’s attention AND do so appropriately while giving them needed tools for making a difference?”  The answer is:  You need an expert with a proven track record of excellence with military installations of all sizes, demographics, and cultures.  You require a quick thinking professional who is gifted at reacting specifically to your members reactions and comments.

THANK YOU Mike for a wonderful two days. I think what you do is awesome and I think a great many of our soldiers “clicked” for the first time about the right thing to do. I will definitely spread the word!  I hope to have you back to Ft. Riley very soon!
Melody McDowall, Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Coordinator (SARC), Fort Riley

For over 2 decades, Mike Domitrz has been inspiring audiences with the unique combination of his hilarious sense of humor along with his uncanny ability to draw hard-hitting emotion from attendees.  Bases and Posts constantly share what a lasting impact he has with people of all ages.

I wanted to provide you feedback about the “Can I Kiss You?” training.  We have received exceptional positive feedback about the training from all levels. Our commander told me that many people commented to her about how wonderful and interactive the training was.  The Soldiers really enjoyed it.  Thank you again for coming to Fort Detrick!
Cindy Harne, Fort Detrick

With Mike, you get a critically-acclaimed author and passionate educator on consent, bystander intervention and supporting survivors who is leading the way by constantly changing and further improving each presentation he gives.  You get a professional presenter who studies exactly how each audience member reacts to different techniques and learning styles.  You get a dedicated advocate who commits to always respecting every aspect of a very sensitive topic.

Mr. Domitrz was great to work with and is clearly passionate about his approach to open communication regarding sex and intimacy.  It is refreshing to see a preventative, respect-based program that provides actual skills that Marines and sailors can begin applying in their own relationships. It was great to hear Marines and sailors leaving the presentation saying that it was the best sexual assault prevention training that they have had in the military.
Brenda Huntsinger, Program Manager, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office,
Marine Base of Hawaii

To be an effective and powerful educator, you need to always be learning new approaches and concepts of working with people (from teenagers to adults).  Yes, the educator needs to be a STUDENT.  The #1 source for teaching better speaking techniques and presentation skills is the National Speakers Association (NSA) – the professional trade organization for speakers around the world.

Certified Speaking Professional with the National Speakers AssociationMike Domitrz is an active and involved member of NSA.  In fact, he is one of the few Certified Speaker Professionals (CSP) across the globe specifically working to address sexual assault.  Each year, the National Speakers Association gives this earned recognition to those speakers who accomplish all of the following criteria:

  • At least 50 speaking events each year for 5 consecutive years.
  • A score of at least 7.5 on evaluations from clients over the past 5 years (on a 10 point scale).
  • Minimum level of professional credits earned by attending NSA Educational Events (shows commitment to the craft of working with audiences and making a difference).

What does Mike being a Certified Speaking Professional mean to you?  You are getting a leading expert, author and ally who is also one of the top speaking professionals in the world.

Mike understands not only his message but the interests and needs of the audiences he serves. He has a very energetic and entertaining style that engages all audiences. His message is powerful and the people in his audience naturally gravitate to him.”  Sam Silverstein, former President of the National Speakers Association.

Best of all, you are working with a devoted professional who CARESabout you, your organization, and each person in the audience.  Individuals and organizations who have brought Mike to speak are continually telling us here at The Date Safe Project how wonderful he is to bring to their campus.

On be half of the men and women of ‘Team Shaw’ that participated in your presentations, thank you for coming to Shaw and leaving behind such a positive message. The reviews have all been enthusiastically positive–everyone enjoyed your visit and thank you for sharing new insight into dating and relationships.I can assure you that we will share the great experience we’ve had here at Shaw with my fellow wing commanders. They would all benefit from the experience.”
Col Jim Post, 20 FW/CC, SHAW AFB.


SCHEDULING MIKE TO SPEAK. Due the long lasting impact Mike’s program has on communities, his available dates tend to quickly be taken each year.  How can you insure a date is held for you?

Call Rita in our offices at 800-329-9390 TODAY!

**You can click here to send us an email.

SPECIAL OFFER: By calling 800-329-9390 today, you will receive a complimentary copy of the critically-acclaimed book “May I Kiss You?” by Mike Domitrz.  Installations use this book as curriculum in the classroom and in briefings.

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