#1 for Single, Committed, & MARRIED individuals!

As you know, finding an educational and engaging program for the men and women on your base can be difficult because you have single individuals, people in committed relationships who are not married, and you have married couples.  One of the best aspects of the “Can I Kiss You?” program and Mike Domitrz’s approach is “Asking First“, “Opening a Door,” and “Being a Friend” works no matter what kind of a relationship you are in or are not in. Why?  Because INTIMACY can occur in all 3 of those situations!

Mike’s upfront approach enables and encourages the men and women in the audience to ask more detailed questions.  Thus, giving individuals great opportunity to dig deep into their own situation and explore the exact application of respect, asking first, and supporting survivors in their specific lives. No other program addresses this unique diversity which exists in every audience.  Time and time again, military men and women say, “Thank You” to Mike for creating such an open and honest atmosphere which included them.  Ironically, such appreciation is shown from both singles and married couples – both groups often feel other presentations tend to only speak to one of them and not the other.  Can I Kiss You?” breaks that perception barrier and brings everyone into the conversation!

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