St. Lawrence Leads the Way with Advocates

Tonight, I was at St. Lawrence University and every year they WOW me with their fantastic Advocates Program. If you work on a college campus and want to see a great example of student advocates in action, this is the campus to follow. Each year, over 30 students are trained to be sexual assault advocates. Just taking over the program a day ago is Chris Morran – who came from Lehigh University.

In the coming weeks, we are going to schedule an interview for Chris to share how they’ve built the program at St. Lawrence AND what they are doing to expand it!

As for the shows, it was HOT! Hot = great audiences who you know were going to make a difference AND HOT as in the temperature. The stage lights were hotter than normal. I didn’t get a long run in that day and so the show kept me in shape. 🙂 Actually, I LOVE the theatre at St. Lawrence for its intimacy and its great tech staff who always make sure things are running smoothly.

A Big THANKS goes out to Amanda for bringing me back and to Chris for helping run a very successful event!!

Check out the pictures and video below. The videos are first and then you’ll see the pictures. ENJOY!

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