Share Your Views With Educators, Parents & Professionals

Imagine being on a team with educators, parents, professionals, and community members from around the country sharing their insights and feedback regarding decisions The Date Safe Project, Inc. makes throughout the year. As a DSP Advisory Board member, you are a part of the strategic thinking for what content, educational resources, services, and products The Date Safe Project, Inc. chooses to provide to the following people:

1. Website visitors
2. DSP Insiders (members)
3. Educational institutions
4. Students
5. Families
6. Educators
7. Community organizations
8. Government (including the military) and
9. Media/news outlets.

While sharing with caring individuals like yourself from around the country, you will also communicate directly with Mike Domitrz and the entire team at The Date Safe Project, Inc.. Being on the DSP Advisory Board is a one-of-a-kind opportunity, especially for individuals who appreciate having a real voice in decision-making. Each term lasts one month and can be extended based on the performance/desire of that DSP Advisory Board member.

You will have the opportunity to write Entertainment Reviews (film, music, TV, etc…), Op-Eds on Current News, and articles discussing important issues The Date Safe Project, Inc. addresses.  Plus, you will receive a $15 Gift Certificate to The Date Safe Project, Inc.‘s online store.

To APPLY for this opportunity to serve on the DSP Advisory Board, e-mail with the following information:

1. Your Full Name
2. E-mail and phone number (this will be kept confidential – we must confirm with each person).
3. Your Location
4. 2 References (include the reference’s e-mail address and phone number).
5. WHY you want to serve on the DSP Advisory Board.
6. Describe what you will bring to the role.
7. Your past successes and involvements (school, community, business, activism, sports, etc…).

Since the 2009-2010 school year is already getting started, APPLY NOW! Send everything requested above to

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