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Do you notice how often men and women on your installation walk right by educational posters, signs, and campaigns addressing intimacy, sexual decision-making, and specifically sexual assault?  What if you could grab their attention in a manner which would result in significant changes in their beliefs and actions?

Do you wish you had a place where you could instantly share ideas for creating and using more captivating exercises, activities, and materials for sexual assault briefings?  Imagine posting a quick question and getting immediate feedback from other military professionals from around the world.

Welcome to your home for all those resources and more.  Click on the link to the brand new Military Forum and begin asking questions and sharing your own successes. Tell every SARC you know about this site so they can all share with you.  The old saying of “2 brains is better than one” is true, except 2 is too small.  Help build a huge community in the forums built for you.  By doing so, you’ll get to share  with and learn from HUNDREDS of others in your position and/or with a similar passion to help the men and women in our military.

PLUS, you’ll find:

  • Can I Kiss You?Program:  The #1 interactive briefing for addressing consent, bystander intervention, and supporting survivors.
  • Do You Ask?Posters: An eye-catching series which gets men and women thinking about giving and being given clear choices by asking for consent FIRST.
  • Voices of Courage Book & Audio Series: 12 male and female share their stories in their own voices.  Utilized by crisis centers across the globe.
  • Pledge for Action: Get your men and women to commit to taking immediate action in their lives.
  • **NEW** Date Safe Online Learning Center: have men and women take an online video course with built-in quizes to insure they are retaining the information.   **Launching later in 2010**
  • and much more . . .

One of the best qualities of The Date Safe Project, Inc‘s online military section is your ability to choose the future content.  Tell us what you want and we’ll do our best to provide you with a solution.  All members of our Date Safe Project Insider (DSP Insider) program will gain full access to everything published online for the military services on this website.  For the first 2 weeks of this site’s launch, you get full access for FREE!  Look around – see the possibilities – and join in the conversations.

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