Vassar College Shares & Leads

Last night Vassar College brought the “Can I Kiss You?” to campus for their incoming students.  As an educator, one of the greatest gifts an audience can give you is feedback.  The students last night were engaged at an incredibly high level of interaction.  Even after the show, many students were sharing their thoughts and ideas – which is GREATLY appreciated.  So much sharing was going on I almost didn’t realize it was time to start the 2nd presentation (with an equally FUN group).

Renee and her team of students are a known asset on campus.  In just the first week of school, everyone knew who they were and what they do on campus.  We hope to have Renee on a future interview for our DSP Insiders so she can share her success tips with others.  By the way, Renee, have fun in your upcoming half marathon!

WATCH BOTH of their videos below – for everyone on the internet to help spread the message.

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