Slowing down

Last night as I drove through the Appalacian Moutains, I was taken aback by the beauty, the serenity, the green of the hillsides, and the roll of the individual mountain.  After landing in Dayton, OH this morning, I was driving into the city and noticed a wonderous water fountain to the left of the expressway.  You felt like you were looking at 5 large firehoses shooting up into the air and landing in one spot together in the middle of the river.  As Garrison Keiler was speaking through the car radio on National Public Radio with a repeat broadcast of "A Prairie Home Companion," you felt compelled to just stop.  Take it all in. 

Well I couldn’t stop in the middle of the expressway and so I enjoyed the moment for the second I had it.  As for Garrison, his segment was captivating me.  I hadn’t heard his show in several years. This episode had me with his every word.  Garrison was telling a story about a husband daydreaming in his hammock on a nice summer day.  His dreams went through humorous flashbacks from his life.  I needed to stop and get a bite to eat before I spoke at the University of Dayton.  The only restaurant open was the Starbucks I am in right now.  However, my car radio wouldn’t let me open the car door.  I had to hear the end and I’m glad I did.  The ending of the story had the man admiring his wife as she walked into their home.

"Asking First" creates times in life that make us stop, slow down, and enjoy the moment. When you ‘ask first’, it forces you to pause.  You get to take in every aspect of healthy intimacy without racing.  By asking, you don’t miss out on CREATING an unforgettable moment.  Of course, these are the moments you want to slow down, get right, and enjoy!

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