University of Dayton Shows Up Big

081907_09_packed_house_s_2Yesterday afternoon, I spoke at the University of Dayton.  Each year, they bring me to speak to their incoming students.  This year was special because it was my 4th year in a row on their campus.  The 4 consecutive years is cool because you know that almost every student on that campus has had the chance to hear the message we believe so 081907_04_look_sstrongly in (from the students who are just coming to school all the way through to the seniors). 

For the seniors who came up to me today and told me how much they remembered my speech from their Freshman Orientation, "Thank You!  You made my day."  Our focus 081907_07_asking_female_sis to leave an impact that lasts over time.  I only make one request of you.  Continue to pass it on to others in your life.

The people at the University of Dayton who have a history of making sure all my visits to the 081907_06_mike_sUniversity of Dayton become special are Jolly Jansen and Andy Fulton. The two of them do a great job of running all the days events for the new students and their parents at the University of Dayton.  Plus, they have put together an excellent group of student leaders to guide the way.  Throughout the day today, their student leaders took pictures of the multiple "Can I Kiss You?" programs given.  The students came out in great numbers and showed terrific support for this message. 


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