A new school year begins – so does this blog!

We are back from summer break and a new school year has begun.  Tomorrow, I speak at Lee McRae University and then at the University of Dayton on Sunday.  After that, I speak in 11 cities in 11 days.  This time of the year is energizing.  Students are starting a new chapter in their life.  They come to campus nervous and eager to get going.  They suddenly live in a new setting. They will meet new friends and peers. 

Along with the new school, this blog is going through its own exciting changes.  I am excited about our new look and the many changes we have planned.  Here is a look into the blog’s upcoming transformation:

  • New look (already happened)
  • Video footage added to blog, including from events.
  • Daily report from speaking events.
  • Book reviews, including some books you wouldn’t expect.
  • More news and updates on regional and national programs you can get involved with.
  • and much, much more.

You will be able to visit this blog daily and find new postings and/or comments.  You are encouraged to submit "Comments" on any and all posts.  Lets have an incredibly productive 2007-2008.

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