South Africa – Wow!

One week ago, I returned from a trip to South Africa which included speaking at a primary school to the 6th and 7th graders.  The experience was both emotionally moving and encouraging.  As soon as I returned, people were asking me, "So was it difficult giving your speech, especially knowing the cultural differences between you and them?"  The answer is "NO!"  The students were open-minded, out-spoken, and caring individuals.  They were honest about their beliefs and culture.  Plus, they seemed to genuinely appreciate getting to hear a speaker.  Mike_students_2

In my newsletter (now titled "Let’s Talk") coming out this week, you will be able to read much more about the students, their understandings, and specifically to their reactions of "Asking First."  To receive the free e-mail newsletter, scroll to the top of this blog and sign-up.

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