Sexual Harassment & American Culture

In The News with Voice of America – American Cafe

Voice of America – American Cafe with Host David Byrd looks at sexual assault and harassment. In the wake of recent accusations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, he talks to Mike Domitrz, the founder of the Date Safe Project and the author of the book Can I Kiss You?

  • What is the difference between sexual harassment and sexual assault?
  • Is it about power? Mike explains that sexual harassment and sexual assault is about people who USE power as a weapon and not necessarily about powerful people.
  • Is this a female problem?
  • Hollywood casting couch or an American cultural issue?
  • What is the solution to sexual assault and sexual harassment?
  • Mike talks specific solutions to change our cultural thinking.

If you have any questions about our programs at The DATE SAFE Project or speaking engagements please contact Rita at 800-329-9390 or you can email her at


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