Sexual & dating decision-making DVD endorsed by Mom & Daughter

Often when reviews and endorsements are received for our DVD on education concerning teenage dating, sexual decision-making, and safety titled HELP! My Teen Is Dating. Real Solutions to Tough Conversations, the praise is being given by an educator or head of a parenting organization. What is unique about today’s endorsement is this time the reviewer is a TEENAGER who watched the DVD with her Mom!

Highlights from the blog posting review of the DVD were:

The author and presenter of the program was so intune with the teen population and what is happening in society now.

Help! My Teen is Dating is not only educational, it is funny and engaging. Mike used role playing to describe the topics covered and he always had the audience involved in the conversation. There were parts that he was very serious but when he discussed the more difficult topics humor was used.

My mom was so impressed with the DVD, she is going to recommend it to the PTA at my school.

Read the entire blog and see why more and more people are telling us this DVD video and book set is the ultimate form of sex education for teenagers.

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