How does accountability effect your ability to make an impact?

How are you accountable in your mission to make a difference?  One of my dearest friends is an amazing person I’m honored to have in my life – Sam Silverstein.  Sam and I talk each week: sharing, laughing, and inspiring each other to try new concepts and then holding each other to the highest standards.  Sam is an experienced and gifted expert on accountability.  As he has lead major corporations and their leaders throughout the world, his track record is impeccable.

I have been soo excited about the release of his new book on accountability titled No More Excuses and now you can get it!  Don’t hesitate.  No matter what you do for a passion, this book is going to help you succeed – personally, professionally, spiritually, physically, and much more.  Visit http://www.NoMoreExcuses.Me today!  Here is a quick review for your enjoyment:

No More Excuses by Sam Silverstein

Accountability can be your competitive advantage.  So says international accountability expert Sam Silverstein.  As a business owner, 2008-2009 President of The National Speakers Association and an international organizational growth expert he has seen first hand how accountability can enhance your success.

Sam draws from his both his own personal business experience and over 50 interviews with corporate CEO’s, professional athletes, politicians and community leaders to develop and deliver his five accountabilities of all successful people.  In No More Excuses Sam teaches how to apply the five accountabilities in your life and organization so that accountability can be your competitive advantage.

The five accountabilities are:

*  Do the right things consistently – understand what activities will lead you to fulfill your strategic intent and do those “right things” consistently.

*  Manage your space – sometimes we have to let go of what has worked in the past to have the space or room to try new things, manufacture new products or build the new relationships that will move us forward in the future.

*  Manage the process – learn to be accountable to achieve your strategic intent even when faced with challenges and less than desirable results.

*  Establish the right expectations – setting expectations too low means underachieving and setting them too high leads to bad choices.  The right expectations deliver optimal results.

* Contribute to your relationships – by looking to give to our relationships we build the network and connections that will allow us to achieve our goals.  We give to help others and many times personal gain naturally follows.

Howard Putnam, Former CEO of Southwest Airlines said this:

As a former CEO of Southwest Airlines, I learned that a key leadership principle for success in a challenging market was to make accountability a competitive advantage.  In this exciting read, No More Excuses, Sam will show you step-by-step just how to do that.  The five accountabilities that Sam shares will be key in making your organization successful.

Takeaway:  If you are looking to be more accountable, build a culture of accountability within your organization and seek personal and organizational growth No More Excuses is for you.  Check it out at http://www.NoMoreExcuses.Me

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