“Safe It Up” App – What Do You Think?


Have you heard about the new app “Safe It Up” designed by a team out of Australia? You can check it out at http://www.safeitup.com/

The creators sent us the following description:

SafeItUp allows you to set up check-in alerts (or set them for your children or friends) so that if for some reason a check-in is missed, an alert message along with your location will be sent to your selected contacts advising them that you’ve missed a check in and may require assistance. You can also set it up so that alerts are sent when you do check in so your friends and family know you’re safe.

SafeItUp also provides you with “Help/Emergency” buttons which will send out a distress message, and has the option of placing a call to Emergency Services. There’s a tracking function which when enabled will send regular location updates to your specified contact(s), say for when walking home alone after a night out or taking a cab by yourself. Additionally there’s a number of security features to make sure only the right people can check-in, change the settings, or send secret alerts if checking in under duress.

Visit http://www.safeitup.com/

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