Neumann Works Together

As I arrived at Neumann College, all the incoming students were listening to the Dean of Student Life.  After he spoke, Sister Marguerite spoke next and talked to the students about self-respect and making good choices (being good people).  Next was my turn.  The students were a great group! 

Afterward, the President came up to me and thanked me for speaking.  I am always honored when the head of a campus comes to listen to my program.  We had a nice conversation.  Then, Sister Marguerite spoke to me.  One of the most common questions I receive about my speaking is, "How do spiritual leaders respond to your program on intimacy and sexuality?"  Sister Marguerite was a delight.  As we both talked to the students, her and I were making similiar points — simply using different methods and approaches.  We had a great conversation.

Of course, a big THANK YOU goes out to Megan Camp.  She makes visiting Neumann a super experience.  From helping me get through some rough traffic to making sure everything was ready beforehand, she smoothly handles it all!!  Thanks, Megan.

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