Brandeis University Asks First

082707_brandeis_corner_balcony Tonight, my program was at Brandeis University.  As I travel to various campuses, I get to meet student leaders from all walks of life.  Rarely have I met so many students who were proud of their university and excited to be part of a special process for the 082707_brandeis_noam_smilingincoming students.  This team of leaders who I got to have dinner with was amazing.  Every word was positive.  Their faces lit up as they talked about their campus.  I was already looking forward to the speech.  Now I couldn’t wait.

We entered the Theatre.  The setting was perfect.  The room sat 800 and yo082707_brandeis_michelleu felt like it was 200 (very cozy and intimate which is exactly what I like).  When we got started, the students got rolling.  The crowd asked lots of questions throughout the progam ("what if . . .";  "what about . . .";  "my boyfriend . . .").  All of the questions were genuine students looking for answers.  We addressed each question as the night progressed.  The students were engaged and thinking.  Their response at the082707_brandeis_the_look end was overwhelming!

A special thanks goes out to Nikki and her fellow student leaders.  Wow!  You all have a phenomenal presences about you.  Thanks for spreading your positive energy to others. 

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