John Carroll Speaks Out

Today, I was speaking to all the incoming students at 082507_john_carroll_wide_funJohn Carroll University (OH).  After speaking, I normally start receiving e-mails from students a few hours later.  Today, the John Carroll students were e-mailing and sharing their thoughts and comments within one hour of my program ending.  A few of the new students were already talking about joining the groups on campus dedicated to reducing sexual assault.  YEA!!

At John Carroll, the staff and administration are dedicated to addressing sexual assault awareness.  Ryan Knott, the Coordinator for Developmental Programming, does a great job of making these days run smo082507_john_carroll_wide_1othly.  He is very nice and helpful.  In addition to Ryan’s support, Dr. Sherri Crahen (Dean of Students) is continually involved. On many campuses, the Dean does not come out for these speeches.  Sherri is always there when I am speaking and takes the time to stop and talk.  Her time is greatly appreciated.

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