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Mike Domitrz
Mike Domitrz

What is happening right now in our country and around the world with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is real. The impact is real. People are getting sick. To help reduce the spread of the virus, many educational institutions – from K12 schools to universities – are going to online learning. Some workplaces are shifting to work-from-home. However, many jobs cannot be done from home.

With the move to online learning from home, caring parents may struggle to figure out how to provide guidance and supervision for their kids when the parents have to be at work during the same time the kids are home learning online. Some parents may be concerned about the risks of students engaging in more sexting (sending nudes) and other high-risk activities, especially when young people will not be able to engage with each other in-person.

Or will kids be more likely to have potential sexual partners over to their homes when their parents are away? Will the health risks have any impact on kids engaging in high risk sexual activity? Will kids be even more pressured “to do stuff” by partners and peers – simply out of boredom or by the feeling of freedom they may experience when home while parents are gone at work?

During times of chaos and/or confusion, we each can choose to do our best in every way we can to live our lives and to be of support for our fellow human beings.

My promise to you is I will be evaluating the most effective ways and mediums as possible to help with my expertise during this difficult time. Sadly, health pandemics and economic downturns do not reduce incidents of sexual violence. 

Here at The Center for Respect, we have already committed to providing the option of virtual LIVE and interactive trainings in place of in-person programs for schools, universities, military installations, and businesses who have reached out to us that they are going to online learning and/or working from home. For those clients, I am able to conduct the same programs I normally provide live by utilizing online platforms which enable interaction throughout the program.

In addition, we will be exploring multiple mediums for helping families with the risk that comes with pre-teens and teens being home learning in front of a screen – addressing those concerns around sexting, nudes, and unhealthy sexual decision-making. As we find the right fits for being the most supportive to those we serve, we will keep in touch with you.

To provide immediate resources, every person who receives this email can download my eBook “Can I Kiss You? A thought-provoking look at Relationships, Intimacy, and Sexual Assault for free by clicking here

You will also find free videos for Parents, Pre-Teens and Teens on our YouTube channel by clicking here.

Here is the Playlist of my “Videos Series for Teens“:

Here is the Playlist of my “Students Ask Mike” series:

If you’d like more videos that parents say have been helpful, here is a link to videos from TV, Radio, and podcast shows sharing strategies for parents:

Parents, we are also providing our full video “HELP! My Teen Is Dating. Real Solutions to Tough Conversations” for free right now by clicking here. When you click on that link, you will be forwarded to (the service that hosts the video for us). Their webpage will show a rental price and a purchase price for the video. Please know that once you login to Vimeo (which you can do with an email address or with Facebook), you will see a “CONTINUE” button. Click on that button and then you will see a “WATCH VIDEO” link. Click on that link and you will have full access to the free rental of the video for 48 hours. No gimmicks. No “signup for my email to get this free.” Many parents have shared that they found this video helpful for children of all ages.

In addition, “The RESPECT Podcast” will continue to air every Wednesday.

How else can I and my expertise be of support for you? What content would YOU like for me to provide? If you have any suggestions and/or ideas, click here to let me know. I am listening.

During this time, please be as safe as possible. This virus is impacting lives around the world. While you may notice many on social media mocking the seriousness of what is happening, please be respectful of all the lives that are being impacted.

I continue to travel spreading the mission of creating a culture of respect for all. While doing so, I’m doing my best to get a good night’s sleep, eat healthy, wash my hands, meditate, and take care of my body. Every choice we make to help strengthen our immune system could make a difference. May we each simply do our best each and every day. 

With Gratitude,
Mike Domitrz, Founder & Speaker

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