Free “HOW TO” ZOOM Meetings with Mike Domitrz

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For those of you who are suddenly either needing to communicate from home for work, are learning from home, or are teaching from home, you may be aware Zoom is the most widely utilized video conference program in the world (for those who are not aware, Zoom offers a free subscription). To help people learn Zoom, I am hosting one last “How To” Zoom Video Meetings on Tuesday, March 24th at 7pm CST. Every session is completely free. We will do our best to make the video meetings as efficient and quick as possible. I have no affiliation with Zoom. We are simply doing this to help people learn a technology that could be essential for many right now.

Below is the link to register.

When you attend the Zoom calls, please follow the instructions you will receive from Zoom upon registering. 


For those of you looking for the free resources we shared in our weekly email last Thursday, here is a webpage with all the information:

My Friend’s Brilliance Is a Gift in Moments Like Now:

My friend, Jason Kotecki, is a brilliant speaker and artist. His mission is about helping rid the world of adultitis – a lesson that is as needed right now as ever. His post and the artwork he shares in the post are so beautiful and important. Hope you enjoy his gift by clicking on the below link:

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