Marriage Starts with Asking for a Kiss

If you work with students and/or are in a role where you have the opportunity to help create positive change in individuals, remember you never know how many days, months, or years your impact will last for.

The majority of universities that bring the “Can I Kiss You?” show to their campuses do so on an annual basis to ensure all incoming students on campus enjoy its benefits. A neat surprise and a humbling moment is when students come up and tell us, “This is my 4th year in a row here. Every year I bring more friends with me.

The especially cool part is hearing from couples who attended over multiple years. They often tell us how much the asking techniques we shared have positively impacted their relationship. Sometimes you get to hear from students who met at the “Can I Kiss You?” show, asked first, and are still dating today.

Below is a recent comment posted on our FaceBook page at

“Three years ago my (now) fiancé and I watched your presentation during our welcome week at TCNJ. You told us our future partners could be sitting in the room with us. This was before we met. When we had our first kiss, he asked first. Tuesday he asked me the most important question of our relationship “Will you marry me?”. Thanks Mike Domitrz. You were right. ;)”
~  Jennifer Schmidt

A big THANK YOU goes out to Jennifer for sharing their personal journey with us – for helping others realize how starting a relationship based on respect and choices leads to a stronger, healthier bond. The key for Jennifer and all relationships is continuing to live with respect for each other. While you will not always agree, respecting each other’s views and boundaries is essential.

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