Child Does NOT Want to Talk About Sex

When you have a child who refuses to talk with you about sex, what do you do? You’ve tried taking the smartest approach of “lots of small talks” verses “The Talk.” Still no success. Now what?

First, ask the teenager what day and time the two of you are going to talk. You provide a timeline (within the next week) and the teen gets to choose the specifics. This approach shows the teenager you are trying to work together.

When the date and time arrives, maybe your teen is meeting with you, but making it clear he/she isn’t going to listen. Be sure to setup clear consequences for the teenager to sit down, show maturity, and respect (no wearing headsets, playing on electronics, etc…).

Okay, now the two of you are sitting together and the teen is doing everything to let you know he/she doesn’t want to be there and is not going to listen. What is your final option?


Too often we, the parents, want affirmation. Yet counting on a teen’s positive response could only make you more frustrated.

“counting on a teen’s positive response could only make you more frustrated.”

When times get frustrating, take a breathe and talk. Focus on the essential discussion points you want to ensure your child knows. Remind yourself that your teen is hearing the words and taking them in on some level. While your teen’s way of processing your information may be frustrating, you are the parent and must remember it’s your responsibility to provide necessary skills and knowledge to your children.

The other alternative is not even try. Imagine the danger of letting your child go out to the world without you giving them skills for making smarter, safer, and healthier decisions on sex.

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