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Common Questions Professionals Running Trainings, Workshops, and Presentations

With Mike Domitrz, you get a speaker who loves making your job easier. From providing you all the above downloads which include step-by-step guidelines for answering any questions you could have to sharing promotional ideas that can help market your event to helping you move chairs around (if needed), Mike is happy to be a supportive force for you and your event.

While Mike is a positive, high-energy professional, he brings calm in times of unknown and/or chaos. He’s happy to be your ally for helping problem solve before, during, or after the event.

  • Tech issue? No problem. If Mike can’t fix it for you, he’ll go on without the originally planned technology.
  • Session before didn’t go well? No problem. Mike will open with an attention-grabbing strategy that connects to your attendees immediately.
  • Need Mike to go longer and/or shorter than originally planned. No problem. Since Mike is a not a robotic scripted speaker, adjusting is easy and in fact he loves those opportunities.
  • Microphone isn’t working? No problem. Mike travels with a backup mic, transmitter, and receiver. Worst case, Mike has spoke in very difficult settings with no Mic. The show will go on!
  • Want a custom promo video from Mike for promoting your event? No problem. Mike will be happy to shoot a promo video just for your attendees.
  • Struggle to get evals completed afterward? No problem. Mike has his own evaluation system that brings a very high response rate for audiences completing.

Mike and his team are committed to:

  • Full Access
    Get full access to having any and all questions answered. Plus, we will make sure you get lots of helpful materials for supporting your efforts and event.
  • High-End Professionalism
    Early to the event, direct communication lines before, during, and after, and a “What can I do for you?” approach is what you get when working with Mike Domitrz.
  • Setting the Standard
    With Mike Domitrz, you get a leader in the speaking industry. Literally. Mike was one of the committee members who years ago helped shape the criteria for the Certified Speaking Professional designation with the National Speakers Association. Mike has had earned that designation for over 10 years now. In addition, respected speakers seek out Mike’s expertise for audience engagement and driving conversations.
  • Safe, Fun, Engaging, and Thought-Provoking
    Past clients have referred to Mike as a “Safe Provocateur.” He challenges audiences while creating a safe space for each person to look in the mirror at their own beliefs and actions. Once a person is open to the truth of their strengths and challenges, they are more likely open to change and transformation. Mike integrates a balance of humor and hard-hitting discussion – all while reflecting respect throughout.
  • Inclusive
    Very few speakers and experts have had the level of success Mike has had with as great a diversity of audiences as Mike has worked with. From middle school students to college students to parents to all ranks of the military (from just finished boot camp to Admirals and Generals) to corporate leadership, Mike has profound impact with each group.Known for his inclusive approach to culture, race, age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and identity, Mike Domitrz gives you an expert who welcomes each person into the conversation on their terms.
  • Results that Matter
    While some speakers mistakenly focus solely on getting standing ovations, Mike Domitrz is dedicated to providing your audience a transformational experience drawing out each person’s “Why” and then teaching specific “How To” skill sets for implementing the lessons learned immediately throughout their lives. Best of all, Mike provides an evaluation system that reveals the actual behavioral and belief transformations within the audience.

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