Free Training on Victim Blaming & Challenges

If you’ve ever had someone make a victim blaming statement around you (especially if you are teaching or training), you know how frustrating those moments can be. In this interactive session with Mike Domitrz, you will hear specific steps and strategies for using in a multitude of scenarios (from one-one-one to large group discussions).

Best of all? This interactive virtual training will provide you the opportunity to ask questions in the Q&A, engage with others in the Chat who care deeply about these topics, and hear best practices.

Plus for attendees who attend this session live from start to finish, we will provide you the opportunity to receive a Certificate of Attendance if you want to submit this training in as a C.E.U. (Continuing Education Unit). Whether the training qualifies for a C.E.U. is always decided by the authority organization in your field of work.

When:  Wednesday, April 22nd at 12pm EST / 9am PST (register here)

Your Host: Mike Domitrz
For over 2 decades, Mike has been providing trainings for middle schools, high school, parents, the US Military around the world, and for businesses of all sizes. Imagine one moment talking to Generals and then hours later teaching 12-year-olds about dating. Because of the diversity of audiences Mike has worked with, he has experienced a plethora of ways people victim blame and challenge common sense. For this reason, Mike is comfortable answering any questions you ask during this session.



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