Chris Brown, survivor, STILL sounds like an abuser – bragging about how he lost his virginity at 8 years old.

Chris BrownChris Brown, the singer who in the past said he learned from his past mistakes of violently hurting Rihanna, is now bragging about how he lost his virginity when he was eight years old. Yes BRAGGING. In the interview (read entire interview with “The Guardian” here), he says:

So, at eight, being able to do it, it kind of preps you for the long run, so you can be a beast at it,” he continued. “You can be the best at it.”

Chris Brown is horrendously misguided and being incredibly irresponsible. He is promoting sexual activity among CHILDREN who are not even remotely near the age of consent. His words are promoting the sexual assault of children.

And as and first pointed out, Chris Brown is a survivor of sexual assault. Whether he recognizes the law or not, he was not able to give consent at the age of 8 years old. Those who work with survivors can tell you that Chris Brown having been sexually assaulted as a child could have at least partially resulted in his misunderstanding of healthy intimacy and relationships.

As organizations and communities throughout the country are honoring October for being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the words and story of Chris Brown once again sadly remind us of why our society NEEDS TO TALK more about these topics – these crimes. You have a known abuser and survivor saying that having sex when he was eight years old HELPED HIM be better at sex.

Chris Brown also references when he was an abuser as being a time in his life when he was acting like a “teenager” – implying that being an abuser is a phase teenagers go through. NO. No one at any age should have to experience abuse at the hands or words of another person.

For those who say, “Mike, its Chris Brown. Its not a big story.” Here is why this ALREADY IS A BIG STORY. The headlines across the country in the past 2 hours are running with “Chris Brown lost his virginity at 8” when the headlines should be “Chris Brown, survivor, still appears to think and talk like an abuser.” Our society needs to hold people accountable who promote dangerous, criminal beliefs.

P.S. Chris Brown is completely wrong when implying that the earlier you become sexually active, the better you’ll be at. Research shows just the opposite. The earlier someone engages in sexual activity, the more likely he or she is going to have an unhealthier sexual life going forward. Chris Brown’s own actions of violently harming partners brings validity to that research.

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