Will all the men who have not done something inappropriate step forward?


Did you know that “Voice of America” is a U.S. government-funded international news source that serves as the United States federal government’s official institution for non-military, external broadcasting?

Mike, founder of The DATE SAFE Project, has been asked three times in as many weeks by “Voice of America” to help start a discussion on sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual violence as a whole.

Listen in as Mike is interviewed by VOA journalist Lori Lundin (4:30 minutes starting at the 8 minute mark) as they discuss the flood of sexual assault and harassment allegations and much more including:

  • Al Franken, Charlie Rose, Glenn Thrush and many more stories about sexual assault & harassment…what is going on?
  • Lori asks and Mike answers: ”Will all the men who have not done something inappropriate step forward?”
  • Our culture is facing a stark reality…what is it and what can we do about it?
  • Learn why it is dangerous to say what form of sexual violence is worse than another.
  • Why is it important that we must be strong across ALL political parties as we have this discussion.
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