“What questions do I ask a survivor of sexual assault?”

A common question I receive while speaking is, “Mike, when a survivor of sexual assault shares with me that they are a survivor, what questions can I ask without making it sound like I’m interrogating and/or questioning them? I want to do my best to support them.

In this 1-minute video, we quickly answer this important question.

Mike Domitrz is an author, speaker, and the founder of The Center for Respect where he helps educational institutions, the US Military and businesses of all sizes create a culture of respect throughout their organizations. From addressing consent to helping corporations build a workplace free from fear (reducing sexual harassment and helping employees thrive by treating them with respect every day), Domitrz engages audiences by sharing skill sets they can implement into their lives immediately. As an author, trainer, keynote speaker and coach, Mike Domitrz loves working with individuals of all backgrounds and perspectives. 

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