We Must Take Notice

Monday’s shootings once again started with violence against women.  We must start to engage our media and news outlets in this horrific pattern that is occurring throughout our country.  The Amish School shootings targed females.  The Bailey, Colorado school shootings targed females (include sexual molestation).  Monday’s shootings began by the man killing two females in a one-on-one situation.  We have video games where players can rape a women as a "reward" or to GAIN points.  Write letters to the Editor and demand the need for our country to start facing the "Violence Against Women" occuring throughout our society. 

Let us not have all of those lives lost on Monday for nothing.  Help us to create real change by igniting the conversation on how our society needs to STOP normalizing violence against women.  Once we get people talking, we can get them to take action — positive action!!

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